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You’re Not Allowed to Shoot Me!

You're Not Allowed To Shoot MeAllan Graphics designed and printed this touching story for Jochebed Katan entitled: You’re Not Allowed to Shoot Me! 194 pages with 103 photos both colour and black and white. The description follows:

From a privileged life in a middle-class Jewish family to the precarious life of fugitives dependent on the good will of a series of strangers, this book preserves and elaborates on Rie Katan’s account of how she, her husband Elkan, and their baby daughter Jochebed were able to be one of the very few Dutch Jewish nuclear families of which every member survived the Holocaust. As well as transcribing and translating Rie’s taped and handwritten memoirs, Jochebed has fleshed them out with background material on the Katan family and on wartime events mentioned by Rie, and she has added material drawn from her own family-related experiences and from recent discussions with the descendants of some of the people who were responsible for the family’s survival.

Rie’s reflections on the motivations and the character of the interveners offer trenchant insights into why apparently ordinary people would run the risk of defying a brutal and ruthless regime in order to help a few members of a religious group designated by that regime for persecution, deportation, and extermination.

Rie and Elkan went into hiding together, and the book recounts their moves from one courageous host family to another. Accordingly, they made the agonizing decision to turn their daughter Jochebed over to the Went family at the age of four months and the Wents raised her in a very loving way until the end of the war, along with their own six young boys.

Jochebed’s epilogue on her family’s life after the war highlights the lingering ill effects of the events recounted in Rie’s memoirs. In this respect, the book reinforces the findings of earlier research on the post-war difficulties of Dutch families who had been persecuted during the Holocaust.

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