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Sumac Summer

__ SUMAC SUMMER Cover Three Panels.inddAllan Graphics recently printed/produced a new book by Geraldine Mac Donald.  For further details or to purchase a copy please visit [ ]– currently under construction–or contact the publisher at 613-546-6639 or 613-888-7898.  See description below…


Six weeks at camp in northern Ontario sounds more like a punishment than a gift to fourteen-year-old Eliza, especially when her best friend, Suki, is spending her summer in Japan.

Eliza hates mosquitoes, she hates dirt, and she hates all those nagging fears that her therapist calls anxiety. But just when Camp Sumac, with its weird girls and snarling horses, starts feeling less like detention and more like fun, disaster strikes, and Eliza’s world is fractured.

Will she have the strength to survive such extraordinary loss?

Through a dramatic turn of events Eliza learns that she must do something, anything, to stitch life back together. Join her as she seeks to defeat past sorrows, honour friendships, and find the freedom she needs to move on.


Category: Fiction drama for young adults ages 11+.

When Printing a Book

What do I need to take to a printer…..

What do I need to take to a printer if I want to self-publish my book?

Every printer is different, of course, but at Allan Graphics we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your book published.

At the very least we need a text file that has been edited to the point that you think it is perfect.  There are almost always a few final edits when you see the proofs but it needs to be as close to final as you can get.  You don’t want to pay us twice to lay out the book.

If you have any photographs or illustrations you would like to include they should be provided as hard-copy or in a digital format. In the digital format – 300 dots per inch (dpi) at 100% of the required size is a recommended standard but that isn’t always possible.  We know ways of working around this. We have high-end scanners and photographic equipment that will turn original art and photographs into digital format.

If you want to format the book yourself you need to talk to a designer or print representative so that they can give you some ideas about what programs to use and how to lay out the pages. It will save you time in the long run. For example we recommend using Adobe InDesign to do the layout. Not everyone has access to, or can afford to buy, this program. On top of being rather expensive it is also a huge program to learn. Fortunately we have experience working with a variety of programs and can adjust accordingly but if you do your book 9X10 inches and want it to be 6X9 inches and you are working in Microsoft Word you will have no other option than redoing the book to fix this problem.

Never submit your only copy of your files. Always retain a backup of your materials. If your file is corrupt or lost, we can rely on your backup and the data will not be lost.