Allan Graphics Ltd. has been providing visual branding for decades, although it used to be referred to as logo design. Many people today make no distinction between ‘Branding’ and ‘Visual Branding’, we develop visual brands that are based on logic, client input and sound design practices. This is often what the customer requires and we have made many businesses and organizations happy with our solutions.

If you are requiring a true ‘branding’ exercise it goes far beyond the visual. Branding experts will work on your reputation. This means how you talk to customers, what message each employee is to give, how the phone is answered, the style of the interaction, the entire corporate culture and this includes the visual brand. This exercise is very extensive, very expensive and very time consuming. This falls beyond the scope of what we offer and that is why we make the distinction between ‘Branding’ and ‘Visual Branding’.

The purpose of this blog is to give our customers technical information and advice concerning their printing needs and budget. For instance do you really need a full-colour logo? If you are doing a lot of printing perhaps your could cut your cost substantially by going with a mark that is only one or two colours and still have a dramatic visual effect.

We are also adding case studies, testimonials and FAQs. Check back often.

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